How to Stimulate Fertility with Foot Reflexology

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Author: Ken Koh, June 21 2017

According to statistics, 15% of woman in Singapore have trouble getting pregnant within the first year of marriage.

There comes a stage in life where every women encounters the phase of motherhood. This natural rite of passage is an evolutionary phenomenon that defines our very existence. The common perception of every newlyweds creates a bubble of excitement when pregnancy occurs fulfilling the cycle of parenthood. However, this bubble is often short-lived when faced with the fact that pregnancy is not that easy.

According to statistics, 15% of woman in Singapore have trouble getting pregnant within the first year of marriage. This pressing problem is usually associated with infertility causing unwanted anxiety and stress. As such, many will seek for solutions in pursuit to continue the path towards parenthood. Foot reflexology has proven to be a popular method to promote the state of homeostasis allowing more woman to conceive.

Foot Reflexology with Fertility/Pregnancy

Foot reflexology, an traditional form of massage technique that involves manipulation of reflexology points to benefit our overall well-being. Many studies have shown that our feet depicts a map of our body allowing a direct effect to our internal organs. In relation to fertility and pregnancy, focusing on certain reflexology points can greatly benefit organs such as fallopian tubes and ovaries to increase chances of pregnancy.

Infertility Stress

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Many women having trouble conceiving always have one thing in their mind, that is getting a baby. The constant thinking and stress derived from not being able to conceive will have a direct impact in the overall being of an aspiring mother.

Foot Reflexology has a relaxing and calming effect relieving the accumulate stress. Focusing on the solar plexus reflexology point can greatly reduce the stress and increase your stress tolerance. This is a crucial remedy to the fertility process as it allows for a elimination of emotional block encouraging a more positive outlook.

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Balance Hormones to Promote Fertility


Foot reflexology can directly affect the balance of hormones which will promote regular menstruation cycle, improve ovulation and benefit ovaries. Through a regular session of foot reflexology, it allows your body to enter a natural healing process. This encourage your system to function efficiently while removing toxins in your body.

The balance of hormones can be controlled through pressure on the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is known as the master gland where it controls the secretion of nearly every hormones in the body. Regular foot reflexology sessions can be beneficial to the organs affecting fertility.

For all the aspiring mothers who have exhausted all options, foot reflexology may be the missing link towards motherhood. Commit to a regular sessions of foot reflexology to balance you body and hormones, relax and maybe conceive. Wishing you all the best of luck!

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