Benefits of Cupping & How It Can Improve Your Life?

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Author: Ken Koh, March 5 2018

The suction from cupping will draw blood to the skin surface allowing improvements on blood circulation and rejuvenating the meridians in our body.

What is Cupping with Reflexology?

Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) technique that is used commonly with reflexology and massage. The technique usually involves applying suction through the use plastic or glass cups to create a vacuum on the affected area. The suction will draw blood to the skin surface allowing improvements on blood circulation and rejuvenating the meridians in our body.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, our body consists on twelve different meridians where the energy is transferred. Focusing on an individual or a mix of meridians can treat different illnesses. During reflexology & massage, cupping is used to enhance the effects of treatment mainly associated with persistent muscle aches. This treatment has gathered more popularity from the recent Rio Olympics where US swimmer Michael Phelps’s skin is strewn with circular suction on his back. Many western celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Anniston & Victoria Beckham has also been endorsing cupping.

Tools of Cupping?

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Traditional cupping uses a range of different materials for the suction cups. Many ancient cups consists of horns or bones from animals and seashells; however in modern cupping, the more popular cups are made of glass, silicons and bamboos.

Conditions that Cupping can Heal?

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The main aim of cupping is to open and stretch the muscle tissues allowing the toxins in your body to drain to the lymphatic system. This is especially important during reflexology and massage as it can filter out those stubborn knots that is always bugging you. By draining the toxins into the lymphatic system, it creates a detoxification process. Other benefits include:

Relieving Muscle Aches 
Muscle Ache is often caused by dampness and accumulation of in the muscle, hence causing tension in a particular area. The suction will stretch out the muscle tissues allowing the toxins to be drained.

• Flu or cold
In TCM, flu and cold is often arise due to a blockage in the meridians. These blockage will caused a stagnation in the flow of energy. Cupping will restore the energy flowing process countering the flu and cold symptoms.

• Weight management
In TCM, obesity may originate in an impaired digestive system. For patients who are overweight, cupping can help “stimulate digestion, improve bowel movements and improve the removal of waste products from the body,” says Physician Peng. This helps the body shed excess weight.

• Aids in the prevention of Liver Diseases
As cupping allows the toxins to be drained into the lymphatic system, it allows a healthy blood flow to the organs. In the case of liver, the proper detoxification process will refrain your blood from storing excess sugar. Also increasing more hepatic enzymes to break down molecules faster.

• Improves blood circulation and immunity
Cupping after reflexology and massage can enhance the flow of blood strengthening the veins. Arterial muscles will also improve as there is no congested blood. A healthy blood flow will also improve your immunity against various diseases.


Can I go for Cupping?

Many reflexology and massage centres do provide cupping service. Cupping is generally minimally invasive procedure that is suitable for most patients. However we do not recommend cupping to patients suffering from high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems.

Process of Cupping & Side Effects?

Cupping treatment usually differs depending on the symptoms of patient. The usual treatment will last between 10-20mins. Treatment is usually done after reflexology and massage. Through the process of reflexology or massage, therapist can usually determine the stubborn blockages/knots in your body. Glass or plastic cups will be applied on the meridian points based on the symptoms.  The usual process for plastic cup will involve a pump to create the suction. Glass cups are accompanied by a small flame to achieve suction.

Different Colours of Cupping

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Side effects of cupping will usually leave temporary circular bruise like marks on the skin. The different colours of the bruise also determines the seriousness of the symptoms. The darker the colour usually indicates obstructive blood flows and blockages in the meridian. A very healthy individual may even how no red bruises at all. This is because the blood in the body is brought to the skin’s surface. The circular marks usually slowly fade away within 3-4 days. We do recommend follow up treatments for improved effects.

How many sessions are required?

Typically we recommend cupping as a long term therapy. Apart from its medicinal benefits, cupping is widely used for general relaxation. Treat is as a regular maintenance of detoxification and healthy blood flow. We do recommend a twelve treatment session (10 – 20 mins) accompanied  by regular reflexology and massage.

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